Urea [13C] Breath Test Kit

Specification/Strength:1 person / serving, 20 servings / box

Product introduction: National new drug Safe, non-invasive, painless, non-radioactive, suitable for pregnant women, no cross-infection, accurate and sensitive capsule, easy to take Approval number: National Medicine Standard H20110130

Dosage form and dosage: The standard 13C-labeled dosage is 75mg or more. The 75mg dosage is suitable for adults and adolescents. The capsules reach the stomach and are partially decomposed in the stomach. The accuracy and sensitivity of the ca

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01 The first step
The subject maintains normal breathing. First, take a breath, hold the breath for 10 seconds, then exhale the first half of the air, and then blow the end of the lungs into the blue air bag until the air bag is full, and then cover it tightly. Air bag.
02 The second step
The subject was given a urea 13C capsule with 80-100ml of cold drinking water.
03The third step
Wait 30 minutes before collecting the second bag of gas.
04 Step 4
Collect the air for 30 minutes and blow it into the pink air bag as in the first step.
05 Step 5
The two bags of gas are handed over to the medical staff, and the detection is performed on a dedicated instrument, and the instrument automatically gives the detection result.
Video demonstration reference supporting equipment: HCBT-01 breath test tester

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